Why Averill Anderson?

1. Experience

  • Administrating and designing solutions to rising healthcare costs for over 15 years
  • Single and multi site employers operating in Wisconsin and nationally
  • Evaluate current benefit plans, discuss employer objectives, develop strategy and implement plan
  • Single source - plan administration, consultant and agent
  • Implemented MRP's with many different carriers

2. Management Reports

  • Actual claim data
  • Cost Benefit Analysis
  • "What if" Modeling
  • PPO Utilization
  • Ala Carte Reports

3. Employee Communication

4. Regulatory Compliance

  • Service includes plan document and SPD
  • Non-discrimination rules and regulations followed
  • Compliant with HIPPA privacy regulations

5. Plan Features

  • Designed to maximize benefits and minimize cost
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • Spousal Carve Out Policy
  • Coordination with Medicare and other government programs

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