Administrative Services

Medical Reimbursement Plans

A Medical Reimbursement Plan (IRC 105) permits employers to offer enhanced tax deductible, tax free health benefits to employees. By teaming a high deductible medical plan with a MRP employers have the flexibility to design benefit plans which reduce health plan costs today while maintaining a quality benefit package for employees.

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Dental Reimbursement Plans

A DRP is a self-funded employer sponsored dental benefit plan where patients are reimbursed a percentage of their expenses. Insurance is unnecessary due to the predictability of claims, low utilization and small plan maximum reimbursements.

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Cafeteria Section 125 Plans

Now you can stretch your income, reduce costs, and pay less in taxes. With a Cafeteria Section 125 plan, you can budget for health-related costs and shave your tax bill.

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HIPAA Compliance

AA is committed to being fully compliant with HIPAA requirements. AA is ready to process all transactions in compliance with HIPAA standards.

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