Dental Reimbursement Plans

Dental Reimbursement Plan's administrated by Averill Anderson have compiled a proven track record of providing superior, cost effective dental benefits for employers and employees.

A DRP is a self-funded employer sponsored dental benefit plan where patients are reimbursed a percentage of their expenses. Insurance is unnecessary due to the predictability of claims, low utilization and small plan maximum reimbursements.

Employee's appreciate the DRP's friendly features such as:

  • Able to choose any dentist
  • Patient and dentist determine the proper treatment plan, not an insurance company
  • Encourages employees to shop for the best care at the best price

Employer DRP advantages are:

  • AA administrates plan on your behalf
  • Management reports useful in identifying cost effective plan features
  • More competitive than fully-insured plans
  • Friendly service staff to answer employee questions
  • Online Benefit Manager©

To request a dental reimbursement plan quote for your organization, please fill out our request for quote form or simply contact us.